Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Rant

I tend to find really "random" things that intrigue me.

Like today on Facebook I have 2 friend request from people I went to high school with. These people were not people that I was friends with so I tend to ask myself "why". Why do people request people they know nothing about to be their friends and why do people accept? I just have a hard time accepting someone as a "friend" when I know nothing about them. Except for about a handful of people, everyone on my "friends" list are my friends or family. People I like to keep up with in their lives via their facebook because my own busy life may keep me from calling or visiting.

With that being said I wanted to take my "why" a little further with "how". How many "friends" do my friends have. I literally went to everyone's page and jotted down how many friends each person had. So, for all my hard work I figured I would acknowledge the top 5 people with the most friends & tell you how I know them.

#1: Scott Biram: 1,140 friends: I know Scott from my childhood days. I believe at that time Scott was probably my cousin. I do not know anything about Scott except for what is on his Facebook page. I am assuming he is some type of musician and travels. Even coming to Houston in the future for a show I believe. Who knows maybe I will go and check Scott out.

#2: Crystal Yegge: 223 friends: I first met Crystal back in 2004 at Time Out (on Fairmont). Even though meeting her was a little uneasy for me at first I came to see that Crystal really is just a sweet, friendly person. And I am happy I met her. (Girl you can thank me later for not throwing all our business out

#3: Nathaniel Trevino: 195 friends: Wow! I have butterflies and I'm nervous about writing this one!!! My hands are literally shaking. I first met Nate in high school over 15 years ago. He was the sweet friend of the jerk guy I liked. My friendship with him has been a very important part of my life. I don't think he will ever fully know just how much his friendship means to me. Whew...glad that one is over!)

#4 & #5 were tied so I'm givng senority to the one I have known the longest...

#4: Laura Tingle: 149 friends: My sister. My friend. (tears) Even though my sister and I rarely see eye to eye I still love her very much. In our younger years she always seemed to be the weaker of us. But now, I see her as the strongest of us. She handles more in her life now than I could ever handle. She is probably one of the most kind hearted person one would ever meet. She is my best friend. She is my sister. And I am proud of her!

#5: Ceyselly Buse: 149 friends: Ceyselly is my co-worker. I have worked with her for a little over a year now. Even though she sits right outside my office we rarely talk. We tend to stay more up to date with each others lives by Facebook. Anytime I have asked her to do something she has always agreed to with a smile (even though she probably didn't want Missed you at work today girl!!!

Now that my most popular 5 have had their moment of my time I have to ask another question....

While jotting down names and how many friends each had I came to my aunts. Her name is Sandara. Do you know I couldn't just write her name as Sandra on my paper. I had to write it as AUNT Sandra. Then when I got to my uncles it was the same thing. I couldn't just write Tom. I had to write UNCLE Tom. Is there anyone else out there who does that or is that just one of my OPI's (Own Personal Issues)?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sign Here, Sign There & Best of all my sign from Him

I have 20 minutes while the french fries for dinner are cooking so I'm going to squeeze in all I can...

Today has been yet another stressful day. I seem to be having "those" kind of days more and more lately. But I told myself today that it's these hard days that are going to make me a stronger and better person so I keep moving ahead one foot in front of the other.

I am still stressing over health insurance for my children. I got a few quotes in my email box that I am going to look over after dinner. So not all hope is lost in that area.

I still have not completed my loan papers. I did however just break them out for the first time last night and literally cried at the sight of sign here's, sign there, dollar signs here, dollar signs there. I was so confused and really wanted to say, "I give up. I will just rent an apartment." I even woke up today thinking I just can't do this all alone.

I had this huge talk with God on my way into work this morning...okay maybe it was more like a ranting session but He gets me...about how I just can't do it. I don't want to do it. I'm tired of doing it. And to PLEASE HELP ME!!! And by golly...He answered me and showed me I am not ALONE. Long story short my friends future brother~n~law is a loan officer and agreed to look over my paper work for me to make sure I am not missing something that I might otherwise miss not knowing what I am really looking at. Wow talk about feeling a tad bit of relief knowing I feel like there is a 2nd opinion out there. To me that is reassuring.

So now that I've posted a bit and feel even a little better it's off to take my french fries out of the oven.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Beginning & What Drove Me Back.

I figured now would be a great time to pick up blogging...again! I believe that if you want to move past something you should get it out in the open. Those who want to partake in my blog can...those who don't...well they don't have to. I'm easy going like that!

With that being said I think I will begin with what actually drove me back to blogging. After my recent divorce on June 29th I have found myself facing a lot of daily struggles and honestly I'm just not sure how to handle them all so I figured maybe this would help. It's worth a try right? I have been dealing with trying to find health insurance, buying a house, and of course all the extra little ins and outs of a day. I have found myself feeling very alone and no where to turn so I figured I'd start here....

Health Insurance: I didn't have much of a warning that the kids & I would be losing our health insurance as June 30th. I was first told we would be kept on insurance till open enrollment, which is around November. That then changed to mid July just a week before the divorce was to be final. And then to June 30th on the day of the divorce. I had already began my search for health insurance but it was now kicked into high gear. After making a few phone calls, searching online, and calling in a few favors I had a plan. I first started out with applying for CHIPS/Medicaid through the state for the kids. That is where I hit my first road block...I was denied. I make too much money. (WTF?!?! Okay.) So I started looking into several of my other options. I figured I'd go with Blue Cross Blue Shield. After all that is who we were with before the big "D". So after filling out mounds of paper work I received a nice little email on Friday (07/24) saying this, "Based on the information provided during your phone interview, we are unable to extend an offer of coverage. A detailed explanation of this decision will be sent to you shortly." What?!?! Are you kidding me! I am seriously at a loss as to where to even look/go now.

Buying A House: I never realized just the amount of papers one had to get copies of, sign, etc. for a house. I have already filled out one portion of loan papers and I thought I did amazingly well at understanding everything it was saying. But tonight I sat down to fill out what I call the more official loan papers and I couldn't even function. There are so many columns with numbers, places to sign and I have no clue what any of it means. So I gave up on it and decided to blog instead.

I know blogging is not going to solve either of the two problems above or anything I blog about in the future but I do believe it is going to be something that will help me in some way.

So now that an email has been sent to my loan officer letting her know that I NEED her help I am going to go cook my kids a nice home cooked meal...Sloppy Joe's...